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Puriplast Liban has been leading the plastic laminate (HPL) industry in the Middle East since 1972. It was the first producer of plastic laminate and has been the only one for more than 20 years in Africa, the Middle and Far East.

Puriplast Liban is not limited in the production of plastic laminate, it also has the creativity to use this product in different industries such as: decorations, furniture, laboratories, hospitals, kitchen cabinets, flooring, ceiling…

Our company has always been successful in providing consumers with its products of marble and wood imitations, followed by a huge variety of colors with exceptional quality and durability.

We have satisfied numerous markets and customers with distinguished goods, and have been successful in doing so by:

  • Using the best quality of raw material
  • Developing and conserving a very specialized team (80% of our staff who started with us since 1972, are still elaborating their experience to produce the best quality)
  • Providing the factory with modern technology

Despite the civil war in Lebanon that started in 1975, Puriplast Liban was able to sustain a continuous growth and extend its activities outside Lebanon by:

  • Establishing a coordination office in Milano in 1978 (LOMA SRL)
  • Building a factory producing plastic laminate and derivates in Alexandria Egypt in 1982 (SALOMIL SAE)
  • Establishing two factories in Jordan in 1991 for treating semi-finished products (ARAB COMPANY and FEDERAL COMPANY)
  • Establishing a company in Egypt, which also created a wider variety of use for laminates, such as: Flooring, ceiling, wall covering panels, doors, kitchen cabinets, etc…in 1998 (EIFCO SAE)
  • Establishing a factory in Italy for production of laminate in 2002 (LAMISOL SRL)

Our goal in this industry is to satisfy all our customers' needs by projecting their visions onto reality. It is also vital for us to cooperate with our clients and build a good relationship with them, which facilitates negotiations and the business procedures that follow.